Monday, May 08, 2006

My first handspun!

First spinning attempt - swatch
Well, last night I was sitting there staring at my roving, then staring at my new drop spindle, then staring at the roving some more... after doing that for a little while, I decided to figure out how to use the spindle. I found a couple of online tutorials, prepped about 8" of my bundle of roving, and got started trying to spin. I got so enthralled that I missed all of my usual Sunday night TV shows. When I got done, I had a few yards of spun yarn. I soaked it and let it dry overnight to set the twist, and this morning I had this. Actual yarn! Enough to make a swatch!

Now that I have a better idea of how to use the drop spindle, I feel pretty good about trying to spin the rest of this roving. I've been doing more today, and am improving at keeping it closer to a uniform thickness. The "thick" parts of the thick-thin were very puffy on the test spinning (as you can probably see), but they're much less noticeable on what I've spun today.

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Zonda said...

Oh boy, are those yummy colors...have you seen the ice cream like this...Not a bad job on your first spinning! Looks pretty good! Good luck with the rest! :)