Monday, May 29, 2006

My Memorial Day weekend

Well, I had a productive weekend. Not productive knitting-wise, but productive otherwise.

On Friday, I decided to go to Ikea. I've been wanting to replace my DVD shelves or my crappy wire cube bookshelves for a while now, and this was Ikea's Summer Sale weekend. I got a pair of about 3' high bookshelves, and various other things from the bins they have throughout the store. I was glad that I went during the day, because it wasn't crazy-crowded... until I got to the checkout. For whatever reason, no matter how busy Ikea is, they will ONLY open 4 registers of the 20+ registers that they have. The lines end up stretching back almost to the warehouse, but NO, let's not open more registers. The line for the self-checkout wasn't bad, so I decided to do that since I had fewer than 10 items. Unfortunately, everyone in front of me was a moron and kept getting error messages that the poor self-checkout overseer employee had to take care of (she looked ready to murder this one couple). Their self-checkouts are a bit fiddly, but they're really not that difficult... I went with the scan-"skip bagging" method, and didn't break the machine at all. :)

The woman behind me in line, incidentally, didn't understand that "10 items or less" applied to her. She had something like 30 items, and the checkout girl was so fed up with people at this point that she watched until the woman had scanned 10 items and told her, "You've scanned your 10, you have to cash out now." Bitchy as hell, but I was laughing inside.

I spent all day Saturday at work, where I was recruited to help open tomorrow, because there'll be a huge backlog from 2 days being closed. I got a couple of rows of my mitered square Manos bag done on break, and I didn't smack the man who asked me if I was "tall enough" to work there, ha ha. I think that says a lot about me.

Saturday night was spent assembling bookshelves and relocating books. The pathetic thing (besides me spending a Saturday night assembling Ikea furniture) is that almost all of my books fit on one shelving unit. Obviously, I need more books.

Yesterday, I put together bookshelf #2, finished moving my books around, and started moving my stash to the wire cube thing. The wire cubes didn't work for books, but they're fantastic for stash storage. That's right, my stash no longer lives on the floor in a corner of my bedroom! All of my yarn is organized, and it's all in plastic bags to keep critters away (since now it's near a window that isn't exactly critter-proof). It looks more like an official stash now.

There was also a lot of general cleaning going on... Compared to my normal weekend routine of "Sleep; watch Food Network; eat", it was a weirdly busy weekend. I'm stoked to have actual stash storage, though. (As soon as my camera batteries charge up, I'll be sharing pictures. That's just how dorky I am).

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roxy ^-o-^ said...

Ikea is the bane of my existence. I love the products, hate the store.

Your Cache Coeur looks AWESOME --- nice work!!! Burninator rocks the house!

woohooo lolita jen *giggles*