Sunday, May 07, 2006

Maryland Sheep & Wool

Well, I have survived my first Sheep & Wool. I went yesterday, and although it was a long and somewhat tiring day, it was also a great time.

First off, it's HUGE. And somehow, even though there were tons of people there, there were only a couple of times when I felt uncomfortably crowded. I loved that some of the vendors had animals with them -- sheep, goats, rabbits, alpacas, even llamas. There was so much yarn to pet and look at, and so much food to eat (I was close to getting a fried twinkie, but I just couldn't do it)...

Some aimless wandering at first, but I came to a stop at the Wool in the Woods stall. I poked around and got this:

Double Kiss

2 skeins of Double Kiss in what I think is "Raspberry Fizz". It's a rayon mini-boucle that I've used before, and it drapes really nicely. Most of the WITW yarns that I've seen in the yarn stores are variegated, so when I saw this particular color, I had to buy it.

Next up at The Fold, I found an obnoxious pink and turquoise bundle of roving that made me laugh... And then I decided that I loved it and had to bring it home with me, even though I have never spun in my life:

Roving Roving closeup
4.6 oz of merino roving from Gypsy Girl Creations, appropriately named "Cotton Candy".

I also found this drop spindle at Millpoint Emporium to go along with my new roving:

Drop Spindle
All of their drop spindles were nice, but I liked this one the best. The whorl is Brazilian cherry. Without knowing the first thing about spinning, I think it has a nice weight to it, and feels balanced. Now I just have to learn how to use it. :)

I thought I was done for the day, but then I saw the sock yarns at Ellen's Half Pint Farm:

Merino/SilkMerino/Silk closeup

I absolutely loved the colors. It's 50% merino/50% silk, so I may or may not use it for socks -- I'm not sure how well the yarn would hold up with that much wear.


LaBean said...

Woohooo! Good haul. Oh that spindle is gorgeous! And the roving... Delicious! Like Val said someone should have informed The Fold that STR was going to be the THING there. I'm planning on going to Rhinebeck and I'm seriously considering camping out by the entry gate! heh.

AliceC said...

Bummed I didn't see you guys! Pretty tarn. I fell off the yarn wagon so sharply that I am embarrassed to post pictures...

Valerie said...

It was great to meet you! I love that roving! Welcome to the dark side, er, I mean, spinning. :)