Sunday, May 21, 2006

Penultimate Cache Coeur update (I hope)

Cache Coeur news: I have two correctly seamed shoulders, two side bands picked up and seamed to create the side seams and armholes, and I've picked up the 240 stitches around the opening for the border. I got a lot of that done while watching 10.5 Apocalypse. I love bad TV disaster movies to begin with, and this particular one has Carlos Bernard in it... I'm still mad that they killed him off of 24. The scene towards the end of last season, when Mandy was holding him hostage and he was shirtless for no real reason? That was AWESOME. (Hang on, I'm having a shallow moment...)

Great. Now I have the word "shirtless" on my blog. I bet I'll get some fantastic search hits from that. I already had someone searching for "lolita jen", which... ew (thanks, Lolita Legs socks from Knitty, for that one). I hope whomever it was got a kick out of finding a geeky 20-something's knitting blog. I'm sure that was EXACTLY what they were hoping to find. Good news: there's porn here. Bad news: it's all yarn porn.

Anyway, I'm hoping that my next Cache Coeur update goes something like, "I'm done!" It depends how long this border takes. Every stitch gets wrapped 4 times to create elongated stitches, and then you cross the long stitches over each other in groups of 4. It looks neat, but it's time-consuming.

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