Monday, May 15, 2006

Only 1 more week of 24? :(

I got back today from a weekend trip up to NJ. It was very last minute -- I didn't know I was going until Friday night, and I drove up on Saturday.

Yesterday, my parents and I went to the Mother's Day brunch at my grandmother's retirement complex. I love the bizarre assortment of food you can get away with at brunch. I had a waffle and some bacon and hash browns... and roast beef with wine sauce. And I actually WORE MY CLAPOTIS for the first time ever! Not as a wrap, just as a scarf, but it still counts.

Last night my parents and I went down the shore for dinner at Henny's, which is a restaurant in Stone Harbor where (I think) I had my first "dining out" experience at the ripe old age of 6 months. The place has been there forever (my dad used to go there when HE was a kid). If it hadn't been 50 degrees out when we were done with dinner, we probably would have stopped off at Springer's for ice cream. (The lines for this place are usually halfway down the block. If you're ever anywhere remotely near Stone Harbor NJ, go to Springer's. There isn't a bad flavor in the lot.)

Knitting-wise, I finished the Petticoat sock I was working on, and got about a third of the way through the left front of my Cache Coeur. Tonight during Prison Break and 24, I got started on the back of the Mon Petit Chou hipsters. I can't believe next week is the season finale of 24... And I can't believe that Kiefer pronounced "nuclear" correctly in tonight's episode! I almost fell off the couch.

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