Saturday, May 20, 2006

My latest LYS trip

Well, I just got back from Stitch DC. I can't share pictures of my purchases, because everything I got is for my SP! I had fun finding stuff for her.

I went to the Capitol Hill location today. It seemed like they didn't have as many different yarns as they used to. One of my favorite things to drool over is the Manos wool, but they no longer have it at that location. That wasn't the only yarn that seemed to be missing (and the shelves were full, so it wasn't just that they were out of stock of a lot of things). I wonder if they're trying to vary their stock between the three stores; the last time I was at the Chevy Chase store, they had tons of Manos, tons of Blue Sky cotton... If they have started only carrying certain yarns in one location, I'll be cranky.

One new thing that they had was qiviut yarn. It was very soft... but at $70 for about 240 yards of slightly-thicker-than-laceweight, I did NOT bring any home with me. I liked the stuff, but I definitely wasn't head-over-heels "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS" in love with it. Seriously, $70 for a ball of yarn smaller than my fist? That's insane. However, I got some good stuff for my SP. :)

On the Metro to and fro, I worked on my good ol' Manos mitered square bag. Right now, it's the only portable project I have. My other projects are either at a seaming stage, at a pain-in-the-ass cast-on stage, on a stitch holder because I needed the needle for a more pressing project, or something I don't really want to work on in public. I knew I wanted something to work on during the ride, and I hadn't touched this bag in months, so out it came. I got about half a square done on the Metro. The ride, by the way, seemed to take no time at all, and the station announcements were clear and understandable. It was like Bizarro Day.

Take two on the shoulder seams for my Cache Coeur will be happening later. At least we know I'll be paying close attention to left vs. right... :)

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