Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New stash storage

First thing's first: as promised, my stash at the moment. It's all in ziploc bags! And I can SEE everything; if I need something, I don't have to go digging through half a dozen LYS bags to find it.

What's where? The bin on the top left has odds and ends and leftovers; next to it on the right are the yarns I have enough for a largish project (and a couple of WIPs); the center left has my dyeing experiments (and a bag of Wool in the Woods that I thought could go with my dyed stuff for inspiration); center right are yarns that I have enough of to do something small, plus my fabric stash; bottom left bin has other crafting supplies (mostly cross-stitch and oil painting related); and the bottom right is my iron and a towel for blocking purposes.

The cloth-covered bins came from Ikea. They're part of the "Komplement" closet fixtures line, and they're fairly sturdy. They're the 11 3/4" x 13 3/4" size, and I got them thinking, "I wonder if these will fit in the cubes on the wire thing." (I hadn't measured, and figured that if they didn't fit, I'd find somewhere else to use them.) Turns out that they fit PERFECTLY. Consider this a PSA to anyone who's looking for storage boxes to put in one of those sets of wire cubes.


Wow, just saw an ad for How to Get the Guy on ABC. Whoopee, another reality show. Anyway, they proclaim that the hosts are "two love experts"... but the female half of their hosting duo is Teresa Strasser, who hosted While You Were Out on TLC. She's a "love expert" now? Is this like when Jacqui Malouf from Hot Off The Grill turned up on Things I Hate About You on Bravo as a "relationship expert"?


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, you might want to check out Teresa Strasser's background pre-TLC. She's actually a regular columnist in the Los Angeles Times and other papers and has won an Emmy Award for her writing. She is also a "dating coach" not a relationship expert as you wrote on your blog according to the show promo. If you want to read her stuff, check out

Jen said...

Know what's funny? The first thing I did when I saw the ad was to go in search of her website, because I figured she must have had some training or schooling that I didn't know about. If she's studied counseling or psychology, her website does a good job of not mentioning it. Even ABC's site for the show doesn't say one word about any formal training whatsoever.

The ad that I saw said "experts". Yes, she has a column. A column by itself doesn't make anyone an expert in anything. I've read movie columns by people who couldn't be bothered to make note of characters' names or major plot points. I've read food columns by people whose sole qualification is "I like to eat out a lot." For me, a column isn't a clincher. As for her Daytime Emmy, it was for Win Ben Stein's Money, a show that had nothing to do with dating at all. If the contestants had gone on dates with Ben Stein, it would be a whole new ballgame...

Understand, I'm not knocking her; I actually found her to be likeable on the episodes of While You Were Out that I've seen. I'm knocking ABC for building up the two cohosts of this show into something that they're not.