Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sometimes, I love product tie-ins

So, at Giant yesterday, I found myself staring at a display of white chocolate Pirates of the Caribbean "Pirate Pearls" M&M's. And like I wasn't already going to buy some, they have little pirate designs on them: skulls and cannons and boats... Obviously, if you're someone who doesn't like white chocolate, they're gross. If you're me, they're pretty tasty.

They should have white chocolate M&M's all the time.

Knitting stuff is coming along. I got a good amount done on Mon Petit Chou during NCIS, House, and SVU last night. Right now, I'm on row 50 of the front of the hipsters... I've only had to seriously rip back once (knock on wood: I've caught most of my mistakes on the same row, but I had one missed YO that I didn't catch for three rows). Most of the lace pattern is an 8-stitch repeat that's easy to remember, so it's going well.

The back of my Cache Coeur is done. I have to do the 2 front sections and the picked-up border (and the seaming), but considering how quickly the back went, the rest of it shouldn't take too long either. Weeks, not months (it would be less time if I didn't have 5 different projects and a newly-discovered attraction to spinning). And spinning... drafting correctly makes a huge difference.

Dharma Brand Generic T-Shirt. Hee.


Trillian42 said...

So... you'll be bringing these "Pirate Pearls" with you for Lost tonight, right? =)

And was it just me, or was that the most depressing "House" ever?

roxy ^-o-^ said...

Pirate Pearls. Hmmm.

I'm having this mental image of you spinning that amazing pink & blue stuff, munching on M&M's and watching SVU while the stray kitty watches from outside the window LOL

(yeah I need sleep)