Saturday, April 15, 2006

So productive

Nice thing about knitting a sock: HIGHLY portable. It went to work with me today, and I got a lace repeat done on my lunch break. One of my coworkers had never heard of someone knitting socks... luckily for her, a patron came up to checkout before I could launch into what probably would have been an uninteresting knitting lecture. I only say "uninteresting" because she's not a knitter and would have been bored by me talking at length about knitting.

I have the elastic in my shrug, and NOW I'm happy with it. And yes, I still owe pictures. It was cloudy this morning before I left for work, and by the time I got home, there wasn't enough light left to allow an outdoor picture without a flash. Argh. We'll see if we can't do something about that tomorrow, especially since my last few posts have been photo-free.

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Emma said...

Non-knitting co-workers are the worst! Actually, mine's pretty tolerant, but then again, I only have one and our office is at my house, so he really has no choice.

And I love TWoP too!