Friday, April 07, 2006

Some links I like

Not too much new on the knitting front. I met up with some of the Maryland Knittyboard ladies yesterday, which was a lot of fun (and thanks for the stitch markers, Roxy!).

I was going to go to Cloverhill today to see the Wool in the Woods trunk show, but then I sat down and thought about it. Usually, if I go into a LYS, I feel like I should buy something because I want to support the store. I have no qualms about increasing the stash size a bit, but I've already made two purchases of stash yarn this week and I didn't feel a need to go for three.

Anyway, in lieu of a real knitting update, here are a bunch of links that I've gotten some enjoyment out of:

I've made a huge mistake... 25 Best Arrested Development Moments.
This is a decent list that I mostly look at and say, "Right on." (I would have found a way to get "Spring Break! WHOO!" and GOB riding his Segway on the construction site in there.) However, they do have GOB's magic show and Tobias's Fire Sale audition listed, both of which are moments that send me into fits.

Pac-Man in crop circle form
I'd like to think that, if I owned some kind of a field, I'd do something awesome with it. Like put a big Pac-Man crop circle on it.

I so need a belt made from IDE cable.

The 3/29/06 total solar eclipse as seen from the International Space Station

Recipes I need to try:
Oreo Truffle Balls
Guinness and Onion Bread
All-Natural Thin Mints
Espresso Brownies
Cumin Sticks (I'm a sucker for homemade cracker recipes)
Bisquick Cookies (Sometimes, you just want a cookie made out of Bisquick and pudding mix)
Thousand Layer Lasagne

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