Sunday, April 23, 2006

From the "People are idiots" file

I just came across a list on Amazon entitled "So you like to watch Fantasia with the sound turned off". This person goes on to say that he or she really likes Fantasia, but feels that the music is boring and dreary and that the Philadelphia Orchestra is "mind-numbingly bad". Yes. The Philadelphia Orchestra under Stokowski, probably one of the greatest orchestras ever assembled, does not quite live up to the standards of someone who admits in a review that they bought a CD because the cover was pretty.

It would be nice if Amazon had some kind of "not an idiot" requirement for people who submit reviews and lists.

Sorry... I understand that classical music isn't for everyone, but when someone who has no appreciation for it starts giving asinine critiques (like, for example, calling the Philly Orchestra mind-numbingly bad), I get twitchy.


monkeemaven said...

Prettiness of the cover is such a good gauge of the quality of the music!

Elinor said...

I always adored Fantasia. I couldn't, however, watch the scene with Mickey and the wizard and the brooms until recently. >.> Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I walked out of Fantasia. I guess I wasn't stoned enough, nor was I on any hallucinogen, nor was I under the age of 4.