Thursday, April 06, 2006

More new yarn

I managed to keep away from the All About Yarn "Wool in the Woods" shelf, because there was a display of Elsebeth Lavold yarns that was the first thing I saw. If you poked through my stash flash, you know I'm fond of Elsebeth Lavold. I thought I wouldn't be getting any of it, but then I saw this stuff. It's NEW. Once I saw a NEW Elsebeth Lavold yarn... well, some of it had to come home with me.

It's very lightweight yarn, so I'm thinking "tank top". I'm ready for spring/summer knitting, especially after walking around Chevy Chase on Sunday. That was such a perfect spring day, and definitely put me in a warm weather mood. Of course, it's gotten cold again. Bleh.

Check it out -- Flickr's blogging tool works! If you're me, you're a geek who thinks this is really nifty.

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betzig said...

New Elsbeth Lavold?! I'm trying to move towards non-wool and non-acrylic fibers now that we're in FL and it sounds perfect. However, I already have plenty of yarn that I should use up first so its probably a good thing that there aren't any high-end yarn stores near here. (Sorry we missed you when we were in town.)