Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ah, local news

Thank you, local news, for always providing a good laugh:
Anchor: We're getting reports that Anne Arundel County is already seeing snow accumulations of an inch. Let's go out to Reporter X in Anne Arundel with more on that. Reporter X?

Reporter X: Actually, there's no accumulation here.

In other news, the luge competition makes me knit slower. I think the luge is just about the coolest thing ever; except for fearing for my limbs, I think it would be fun to try it someday. Anyway, I was averaging 11 minutes per round while watching the cross-county portion of nordic combined, and it went to over 12 minutes while I was watching the luge (it's the Olympics, and I feel like I should know my lap times). I enjoy watching really fast sleds... you know how it is.

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