Friday, February 10, 2006

Knitting Olympics update #1

I was off from work today, so I got to cast on at 2:01 (my computer clock was behind by a minute!). My personal Opening Ceremonies included TNG. It was the two-parter with Spock... which has nothing to do with knitting at all.

I have already completed one major hurdle: joining something to knit in the round without getting anything twisted. At some point in the first 4 rounds, I did purl something I should have knitted, or knitted something I should have purled, so my seed stitch isn't matching up exactly. I looked for the suspect stitch for 10 minutes, and then decided that it's just not that visible and nobody but me will ever notice it, so it's staying. It's a design feature now. :)

Watched the final 4 episodes of Arrested Development tonight... if the show absolutely has to end, I'm glad Fox at least gave them a chance to wrap everything up. Yay for DVDs! And possibly having AD picked up by another network!

Right now, I'm doing my biennial ritual of watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and counting how many times the words, "Shut up, Bob Costas" or some variation thereof come out of my mouth (current count: 12, and I've been watching for about 15 minutes). Seriously. Shut up, Bob Costas. The sad thing is that he's actually doing BETTER this year because Katie Couric isn't there. There are extended periods of silence lasting 15-20 seconds. Katie doesn't do "silence", so when she's there, they talk over EVERYTHING. However, this year is still far from good... well, for example, the Japanese team came in, and Bob's genius comment is, "They had a really disappointing showing at the last Winter Games." Bob, could you not think of anything remotely NICE to say???

"Madagascar, known by most children as an animated movie..." I was a weird, nerdy kid, so maybe I was abnormal in this respect, but when I was in elementary school, I sure as hell knew what Madagascar was. Let's not assume that the kiddies are morons, 'k?

"Mongolia... they always wear those hats, and people always say things about the hats, but they keep on wearing them in every Opening Ceremony." Gee, you mean the ones that I'm pretty sure are TRADITIONAL MONGOLIAN HATS, you idiot?

I would enjoy the Opening Ceremonies so much more if they'd do away with the commentary. I can't even snark; it's too frustrating.

Sorry. That was a rant. I didn't know a rant was coming when I started typing. Here's something funny to make up for the rant: (Fake) Star Wars Valentines. I'm particularly fond of the two at the top of page 3, and the one at the bottom of page 5.

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