Sunday, February 05, 2006


Well, after a marathon of my season 4 24 DVDs, I have completed all of the actual knitting on my green ribbed sweater. I've been working on this off and on since September, and knowing that there's nothing left but some seaming makes me giddy. Absolutely giddy. However, part of the giddiness could also be attributed to the fact that it's 2:30 AM and I've spent all day watching 24 and staring at green yarn*. Yes, I'm open to the possibility that this is just some form of delirium.

Now I have to face a life where I no longer have to work on my green sweater... what project should be next? Definitely NOT another sweater, at least not for a little while. Heck, now that I have this thing all but done, I may think about doing the Knitting Olympics. I hadn't been planning on it, because I didn't want to stop work on the sweater to concentrate on another project, but with the sweater thisclose to done (the only way this thing won't be done by Friday is if I fall into an untimely coma)... I'm pondering some 'next project' options that might be Olympic-worthy.

Anyway, for the record: Whee!

* When I say "staring at green yarn", I'm not kidding. Right now, the only thing that my eyes can focus correctly on is a space about 10" in front of my face. Everything else is blurry, and no, I'm not kidding. This also happened when I read Harry Potter 5 straight through... kind of an odd feeling, but for my first sweater, I'll go with it.

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Foogrrl said...

Socks! Or maybe a lace scarf, since the weather in this area has been so wierd lately.