Sunday, February 12, 2006


I was going to go yarn shopping today... and woke up to discover a decent amount of snow on the ground (at least 8" here). An actual snowstorm, woohoo! Unfortunately, this killed the trip to Stitch DC. People around here drive like morons in the snow; a staggering amount of them believe that four wheel drive gives you magical tire traction so that you can stop on ice and won't ever skid at all. They don't think they need to drive any slower if it's icy, which leads to me sitting in my car hoping nothing hits me, while I watch SUVs skidding across multiple lanes of traffic.

Some snow pictures:

This is the front of my building. Note the already-shoveled sidewalks. The maintenance staff here is awesome about snow removal. There was somebody outside shoveling the sidewalk at 2:30 am... it would have been neater if I hadn't been woken up by the sound of a shovel scraping pavement, but it was still quite nice of them.

Look at this cute little tree, photographed from my balcony. Last year, for reasons that are still unknown, the apartment complex planted a line of 5 little pine trees behind my building. Yes, BEHIND the building, so that nobody can see them. As if that weren't weird enough, there are woods about 10 feet away from these trees, so the planted pine trees get totally lost. I didn't understand it when they were planting them, and I still don't understand it now.

Woods. Pretty.

More woods.

See the three little pine trees in front of the woods? Are they the most ridiculously pointless pieces of landscaping ever?

My car, looking very much like it doesn't want to go anywhere.

About 30 seconds after I took this picture, the really long icicle in the middle broke off. One of my favorite lines from A Christmas Story ran through my head: "Those icicles have been known to kill people."

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spudsayshi said...

Hey, pretty. And so appropriate for knitting!

(I clicked over from the knitty board, because anyone with a burninating avatar deserves a click... so, awesome avatar, too!)