Saturday, January 21, 2006

ABC Family channel has gone mental

When Lifetime showed Office Space, I thought, "That's kind of odd... Office Space isn't really a movie about the trials and tribulations of women."

When Spike TV showed The Birdcage, I thought "Hmm, I know they're the network for men, but this is certainly a different kind of 'manly' for them..."

When Cartoon Network showed The Goonies, I didn't even bother trying to figure out what they were doing. Goonies, you might recall, is not a cartoon; it doesn't have so much as a 5-minute animated dream sequence. Whatever, I'll go with it.

ABC Family, however, leaves them all in the dust. At 8 pm on a Saturday night, they're showing Cruel Intentions. An R-rated movie about private school kids trying to have as much sex as possible in order to manipulate everyone around them, is being shown on the FAMILY channel.

There aren't many movies out there that are LESS family-friendly than Cruel Intentions. The programming people there have gone absolutely insane.

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