Sunday, January 22, 2006

Oh, no.

This is bad... Glarkware is having a sale. I've had an eye on a few of the shirts Glark has, and the reason I only have one shirt* from there is that they're all $20 + shipping from Canada. But now, they're cheaper than $20 + shipping from Canada. Some of them are a lot cheaper... this is bad.

The ones I am especially in love with (and this will be a shock to nobody) are:

Khaaaaaan! (which they only have in L and XL, so... not this time.)
Moment of triumph
Seventies sci-fi was all about hexagons

Perhaps you're picking up on the subtle motif that all of those have in common. I embrace my geekishness, people.

* My Arrested Development "Property of Orange County Prison -- No Touching" shirt. It's bright orange, and it's an AD reference. I couldn't NOT get it.

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