Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th!

My classroom training is now done. This makes me quite happy, because the problem with any kind of classroom training is that they have to go incredibly slowly to make sure they don't lose anyone. I understand that they have to go at a snail's pace, but it can get tedious. I usually need to be shown how to do something once, maybe twice, and I'll remember it (especially when dealing with computers). The on-job training should go be a bit more interesting. It'll be on an individual basis, and I'll be out doing this stuff for real, not sitting in a training room with a fake library card, fake books, and a database that isn't actually connected to anything.

I pulled out my knitting for a couple of minutes yesterday during our break, and one of the trainers asked me what I was making. As it so happens, she's a crocheter. :) I'm kind of expecting to find a decent number of knitters and such among the library community... seems like it's a field that would attract crafters.

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