Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Training so far

So, I have two days of employment under my belt, and the training is going well thus far. Yesterday, we did customer service training, and today we started in on the computer stuff. There are 9 of us in the training group, which is a nice size. Minimal situation roleplaying so far, which makes me happy. Through most of yesterday, all I could think about was the training episode of The Office (especially since I just watched it over the weekend). While our trainers were demonstrating the "wrong way" and the "right way" to deal with a sample problem, my brain went into David Brent mode: "There is no room 362 in this hotel. Sometimes, the complaints will be false." Or better yet, "There's been a rape up there! *pause* Get their attention."

Yesterday, I added 20 extra minutes to my travel time, figuring that rush hour into Annapolis might not be pretty. I ended up getting there 20 minutes early, because there wasn't any traffic at all. (It was fine by me, though. 20 minutes of knitting time.) So, today I left a bit later... Of course, I hit traffic, and ended up being about 5 minutes late (they hadn't started yet, so no real harm done, but I generally like being on time for things). There wasn't an accident or anything; it was just one of those bizarre things where the traffic slows up at a couple of spots for no good reason... in Richmond, they would have called it a "sunshine delay". Apparently, I don't have the timing worked out just yet, so I'll see what happens tomorrow... given a choice, I'll opt for 20 minutes early.

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