Thursday, January 05, 2006

"Where the HELL is my chiffon??"

Ok, as long as I make an agreement with myself not to rant about anything job-related in the future, I should be safe in posting this much: I'll be working in my local library system. The only job in my life that I enjoyed was in my college music library, and the new job is basically the same thing I used to do in college. Granted, one night at the music library, we got bored and decided to see if I could fit through the book return in the desk... I don't anticipate anything quite like that happening now.

Tonight, I made myself some curry chicken, and later on, I settled in with some knitting and a glass of pinot noir and watched Project Runway. Do I consider myself "fashionable"? Do I know anything at all about fashion or design? No, not by any stretch. Regardless, I have an unexplainable (and possibly unhealthy) love for this show. The post title comes from tonight's episode... you have to imagine a guy saying it in an accusatory tone.

I have this bright purple lambswool sweater that I love. It was a Christmas present a few years ago. Recently, it seems to have been attacked by a couple of critters who have chewed a couple of holes in it, and they're obvious holes. I have no extra yarn, and thus no way to mend it, and I absolutely don't want to just toss it. So, I think I'm going to bite the bullet and try to salvage the yarn to make something else. I'm more than a little bit nervous about doing this, because I don't want to end up ruining the whole thing... *fingers crossed*.

I won't leave anyone hanging: yes, I did fit through the book return. You can see why they made me a supervisor.

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