Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dear Henrico County, Virginia,

I moved away from you a year and a half ago. I got a new car registration here in MD. In addition, my VA car registration expired a couple of months after that. There is no way that my car is still registered in Henrico County.

Stop. Sending. Me. Car. Tax. Bills.

I do not owe you money. YOU owe ME money, because I paid the second half of 2004 in full rather than trying to get you morons to prorate it.

It shouldn't be this difficult. This is the third car tax bill they've sent me since I've moved--and they're sending them directly to my MD address. If they have the new address in their system, then they've paid some attention to my requests to update their records... but they haven't updated the part that indicates that they don't get any more money from me.

In knitting news, my green ribbed sweater is progressing nicely. I can actually envision finishing it; before, there was still so much left to do that it seemed like it would go on unfinished for quite a while.

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