Sunday, January 15, 2006

When in doubt, see what's on SciFi

SciFi is showing the Odyssey miniseries that NBC produced a few years ago. As epic mythology miniseries go, it's not awful... not great, but not awful. Nobody can agree on an accent... some people are British, some are Italian, a couple are Greek, one sounds like a New Yorker, and the rest chose Standard Ambiguous European. I took a costume history course in college, and for my final project, I watched 3 or 4 movies dealing with the ancient Greek civilization and wrote a paper critiquing the accuracy of the costumes. This was one of the things I watched. Silver strappy sandals for Circe? Interesting choice.

Anyway, I had apparently mentally blocked the scene where Penelope lies on the beach and has sex with the ocean. I understand that your husband is lost at sea, but... Oh, I should also mention that her creepy mother-in-law is watching her from the inside the house, just to make the scene even more cringe-worthy. I'm so embarrassed for Greta Scacchi; she deserves better than this.

Wow. "None of my maids have ever seen a man, and I myself have not seen a man in over 100 years." Calypso's island has a bit of a "Castle Anthrax" vibe.

Off to make dinner and then knit until 24. :)

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