Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mildly amusing story

A few months ago, there were a couple of days when all of the parking directly in front of my building was off limits because of curb repair. So, one afternoon, I parked across from the building, walked in, and started trying to unlock my door. The lock wouldn't work. Then I noticed that the lock was upside down... and the doors didn't look quite right... I had gone into the wrong building, and was now trying to unlock someone else's door. (Coming in from a different parking spot scrambled my brain.)

Cut to a few minutes ago. Me: "Is that a key in the door? Maintenance would knock first, they wouldn't just come in... why is someone trying to get into my apartment?" And then I realized that it was someone doing the same thing that I had done, trying to get into the right apartment in the wrong building. Knowing that it's not just me... suddenly, I don't feel like quite so much of a dumbass.

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