Sunday, January 08, 2006

So many Prime Directive violations, so little time...

Like the 3 hours of TNG every day on Spike wasn't enough... now G4 is also going to be showing TNG for 3 hours a day. Yes, 3 different hours than Spike. If one wanted to, one could watch 6 hours of TNG, which is quite a lot. Anyway, G4 will be starting from "Encounter at Farpoint, Part 1" at 6:00 tomorrow. Part 2 contains one of my favorite TNG scenes ever, where Wesley is on the holodeck, and he falls into a river, and then Data picks him up out of the water by his collar, and Wesley says "Wow!" That's hilarity, folks.

Of course, then there's the puzzling part when Wesley leaves the holodeck, and he's standing there in the corridor dripping everywhere while Picard looks at him disapprovingly. How is he still wet if he's not on the holodeck? The holodeck water shouldn't be able to exist off the holodeck... such are the mysteries which plague my thoughts.

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