Monday, January 02, 2006

Forgot to post my resolutions. Duh.

So, I actually have a couple of resolutions this year (I generally don't have resolutions, so this is kind of new and different):

  • Cook more nice meals for myself (i.e. things that aren't frozen dinners or pasta-in-bag concoctions). Bake more things for myself.
  • Get back into being a wine aficionado/oenophile (wine snob). Back when I was trying new wines on a fairly regular basis, I made sure that I appreciated the wines I tried. I think going back to that would be nice. Plus, I'd get to re-introduce the word terroir to my vocabulary.
  • Try to keep my apartment clean. It's currently kind of cluttered, and approaching "scary".

Fairly basic stuff. And I think I'd like to have people over here more often so I could stop feeling like a mooch, but we'll see about that one. I got a start on #1 and #3 today... I baked a loaf of bread entirely for me (yum), and I've started reorganizing my yarn stash.

Everyone should watch Arrested Development while they still can. There's a full hour on tonight... although I do have to say that the "encore" episode that they're showing is my least favorite episode of the series. The problem is that Martin Short is in it, and I don't generally like Martin Short (the exception being the SVU episode where he played a serial rapist who targeted virgins... I thought he was quite good in that. Very creepy.) Anyway, watch AD.

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