Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Shiny new yarn

I don't know exactly what it was that pulled me into AC Moore today. I didn't have anything I really wanted to get, and I wasn't looking for yarn... and then, there I was in the yarn section. This particular AC Moore has an oddball sale yarn section. If a skein has been unwound at all, or smushed, or if something's discontinued, they'll put the stock over in the sale section. I love this; there's never anything wrong with the yarn, but it ends up being 50% off.

So, there I was poking through the sale yarn, and I saw 5 balls of Katia Cindy (color 15, "Blue Mix") at half-price--in this case, because the color has been discontinued. Up until now, I've stayed away from ribbon yarns. I like them, I think a lot of them are gorgeous, but they tend to be pricey for the small amount of yardage. But, half-price... today was the day for me to buy some ribbon yarn. :)

Not sure yet what it will be. Maybe a modified Ribbon Xback. The gauge for this yarn isn't anywhere close to the gauge for that pattern, so I'd need to adjust the pattern. Reconfiguring a pattern for a certain gauge would be a useful little project, actually, so I may just have to do that.

In other news... I just got called for my first official library hours, even though I don't think I'm allowed to be scheduled for hours until my training is complete (ONE MORE DAY!!!). The branch that called is the one where my area supervisor is (she's the person who has to sign off on my completed training), so I'm guessing that my training supervisor said some good things to her... if they thought I wasn't capable, they wouldn't be scheduling me before my training is done. And yes, I have a lot of supervisors.

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